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  • New Jersey National Guard pioneered segregation’s end

    Although history credits President Harry Truman with desegregating America’s military, the truth is that racial integration had already arrived in New Jersey, thanks to a governor and National Guard leaders who had stubbornly insisted on equality in their forces.

  • Nov. Front and Center: Staff Sgt. Noe Tettegrain

    Q: Time in service? A: 10 years.Q: What is your civilian occupation?A: NYPD.Q: Something unique about yourself?A: My sick dance moves.Q: Do you have any goals for the future?A: Become first Sergeant.Q: What would you do if you were commander for a day?A: Establish a 24 hour dining

  • Part 12: 141st ARS Heritage

    IntroductionIn the last segment of the 141st Air Refueling Squadron Heritage story, we told how its predecessor, the 341st Fighter Squadron, was one of many new Thunderbolt squadrons formed in 1942.  It, along with the 340th and 342nd Fighter Squadrons, were components of the 348th Fighter Group. 

  • Part 11: 141st ARS Heritage

    IntroductionIn last month’s installment of the NJANG History, we explained the background of World War II in the Pacific.  As related, the Japanese achieved early success in their plans for expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, and were advancing undeterred towards their goal of Australia. 

  • New Jersey Air National Guard History Part 10

    As part of the drawdown of forces after the war, the 141st was disbanded in July 1919. At that point in time, there was no linkage to today’s 141st Air Refueling Squadron; that came later. The subject of this month’s installment is the resurrection of the 141st Aero Squadron in the form of the

  • New Jersey Air National Guard History

    As we related in last month’s issue of Wingtips the 141st Aero Squadron (Pursuit) was part of the 2nd Army Air Service’s 4th Pursuit Group, which was formed on 12 October 1918. The 141st actually started combat operations two days prior to the formation of the 2nd Air Service. Eventually, three

  • Native American Airman recognized

    Staff Sgt. Thereasa Barker-Figueroa was recognized by the Society of American Indian Government Employees, as one of six service members selected...