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  • Oct. Front and Center: Staff Sgt. Garion Reddick

    Front and center highlights a 108th Wing airman every month.
  • New Jersey Air National Guard History Part 10

    As part of the drawdown of forces after the war, the 141st was disbanded in July 1919. At that point in time, there was no linkage to today’s 141st Air Refueling Squadron; that came later. The subject of this month’s installment is the resurrection of the 141st Aero Squadron in the form of the 341st Fighter Squadron, an element of the newly formed 348th Fighter Group that saw heavy combat in the Pacific during World War II.
  • Aug 17 Front and Center

    Front and center highlights a 108th Wing airman every month.
  • New Jersey Air National Guard History

    As we related in last month’s issue of Wingtips the 141st Aero Squadron (Pursuit) was part of the 2nd Army Air Service’s 4th Pursuit Group, which was formed on 12 October 1918. The 141st actually started combat operations two days prior to the formation of the 2nd Air Service. Eventually, three other Aero Squadrons (the 17th, 25th and 148th) joined the 141st at Toul in preparation for a planned major offense that was to start 10 November 1918. Interestingly the 17th and 148th Aero Squadrons had already seen extensive combat but as squadrons attached to the British Royal Air Force. The British relinquished command of these squadrons to the American Expeditionary Forces but kept its Sopwith Camel aircraft! The other squadron, the 25th, was formed without aircraft.
  • Native American Airman recognized

    Staff Sgt. Thereasa Barker-Figueroa was recognized by the Society of American Indian Government Employees, as one of six service members selected...
  • Military gift of hope for hardscrabble town

    Corporate America abandoned this area years ago, closing factories and taking many of the jobs and healthcare options that came with them.Now, nearly one in three people in this rural farming community near the New York Finger Lakes region are without jobs or access to a regular doctor. Many have been addicted to meth or heroin. Some have lost
  • Zissimos to head Cyber Squadron

    In a classroom in a hanger that used to house Vietnam-era F-4 Phantom fighters, Lt. Col. Anthony Zissimos assumed command of the 140th Cyber Operations Squadron July 17, 2016.The 140th, the New Jersey Air National Guard's newest squadron, is charged with monitoring cyber-attacks to the nation's computer networks, stopping the attacks, identifying
  • Making a difference, one fire truck at a time

    It takes a lot of work to donate a fire truck to another country.Specifically, it takes the Air National Guard, the Air Force Reserve and the active-duty Air Force, as well as a host of government agencies.Case in point, Master Sgt. Jorge A. Narvaez, a traditional New Jersey Air National Guardsman with the 108th Security Forces Squadron, is in the
  • Revolutionizing Intelligence – Part Three: Getting recognized

    The 204th Intelligence Squadron is at it again! With its members' remarkable technological advances in the intelligence community along with their dedication and hard work, they've set the bar very high and paved the way for other units to follow.Col. Keith Andrews, Air Mobility Command's Director of Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance,
  • It’s not a fancy job, somebody’s got to do it!

    As you walk through the chow line during lunch time at Halvorsen Hall Dining Facility at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey, an Airman dressed in their white chef's coat will greet you with a smile and ask "what can I serve you." Earlier in the duty day when you took your physical fitness test, someone in a Battle Dress Uniform took your