Warren Grove Range History

With its' beginnings as a World War II weapons research location, Warren Grove Range has been part of the New Jersey Air National Guard since the early 1960's. The mission of the range is to provide a quality combat training environment for all military air and ground combat forces. Annually, approximately 3000 sorties from fighter and helicopter users throughout the Northeastern United States practice weapons delivery day and night at Warren Grove Range. A minimum of three joint exercises involving air and ground troops occur every year. Regularly forward air controllers, laser spotting teams, Navy SEALS, Army Special Forces, Navy Weather and Medical teams, as well as Federal Aviation Administration research and development testing, New Jersey Forest Fire Service training, local police defensive driving training and Boy Scouts visits, round out an active training and community service year. At the same time, a vigorous environmental care program is executed. Reforestation, university and governmental research, and responsible daily environmental management have made Warren Grove Range the subject of scholarly periodical articles, a Pinelands Agreement for range management, and a primary focus in a National Guard Bureau Natural Resources Protection public affairs video. Crowning this activity, Warren Grove hosts 4000 visitors a year to watch the unfolding of the Air Guard story in live, responsible aviation operations at the Range.