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  • Dec Commanders Column: Mental Health

    Now's the time to talk about the elephant in the roomIt's time to talk about mental healthAnd so is the military. Since 2001, the military has relied more heavily on the National Guard and Reserve components to fulfill the mission demands. Guardsmen/women are being deployed right along- side the Active Duty Components and are returning back home
  • November Commanders Column

    With constant rising tensions around the world, our military’s state of readiness is on the minds of our senior leadership across the Department of the Defense. As a new squadron commander, I have learned that I must be a professional allocator of risk in order to achieve readiness. On a daily basis, the Maintenance Group’s leadership team manages
  • 108th Commanders Column Oct 2017

    October 2017 Commanders Column, Lt. Col. William Leiss, 141st Air Refueling Squadron commander speaks about the squadrons centennial.
  • An Attendee’s Perspective on the Enlisted Leadership Symposium

    Attendee Master Sgt. Brian Hammell's perspective and lessons learned from the Enlisted Leadership Symposium.
  • Historical Shadows: The quiet dedication of the aircraft mechanic

    From the birth of military aviation to the jet age, renowned pilots such as Eddie Rickenbacher, Jimmy Doolittle, Paul Tibbets, Chuck Yeager, pushed their aircraft to their operational limits in order to defend the United States against tyranny and oppression. Their names are now entrenched in the collective memory of our nation.What many readers
  • Commanders Column Sept 2017

    Capt. Alvin Mallette speaks on deployment readiness.
  • Making Risk Decisions – “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”

    One of the key principles of risk management is making risk decisions at the appropriate level. So, what does that mean to you as a 108th Wing member?
  • Commander's Column July 2017

    Colonel Andrew P. Keane 108th Wing commander writes this edition of wing tips Commander's Column, a monthly commentary by a different 108th commander.
  • 108th Welcomes New Human Resource Advisor

    I would like to take a few minutes and introduce myself to those of you may not know me, and who may not know that I am now serving as the Wing’s HRA. Most of you are probably wondering what exactly a Human Resource Advisor does. The first thought that comes to the minds of many when asked if they know what the HRA does is, ‘Oh, that’s the person