Develop Airmen for the future

  • Published
  • By Chief Master Sgt. Michael Rakauckas, 108th Wing Command Chief Master Sergeant
  • 108th Wing

Jersey Tigers! I have now served as your command chief for more than a year, and I am so honored each and every day I serve. Now that I have done the OODA loop; observing, orientating, deciding and acting, and continued that process to help improve our wing, I cannot express enough how the 108th Wing is a world-class, flexible, innovative organization. Each and every one of you are critically important to our mission, state and nation. The 108th Wing is composed of innovative twenty-first century Airmen, and I am proud and humbled to serve as your command chief!

As we progress through 2019, it’s important to rededicate ourselves to our commitment to the profession of arms. The Enlisted Force Structure, Air Force Instruction 36-2618, outlines a successful roadmap for all of our Air National Guard Airmen. Other areas we should focus on include leadership, mentorship and supervision. We need to develop our Airmen for the future. Through deliberate development of Airmen, we can ensure the continued success of our great organization here at the 108th Wing.

The health of the force is of the utmost importance. We must ensure every Airman is receiving the proper care they need. Whether it is resiliency, or a focus on safety or sexual assault prevention and response, it’s imperative to make sure we are responsible to our Airmen and provide them the tools necessary for their success. A part of that responsibility includes recognizing and embracing our accomplishments. Our Airmen deserve to have their story told. I am calling on each of you to help make 2019 a success for all Jersey Tigers!