108th Wing Recruiter joins Century Club with 100th recruit

  • Published
  • By Master Sgt. Matt Hecht
  • 108th Wing
Staff Sgt. Annamae Young, a 108th Wing recruiter, was recently inducted into the Century Club with her 100th recruit.

“I love helping people,” said Young, a New Jersey native, who has been a recruiter here for three years.

Young, a former active duty Airman, noted that the great thing about being a recruiter for the Air National Guard is the opportunity to watch people grow throughout their career.

“As a person, they change from the time they sit in your chair to the time they return from tech school,” said Young. “It’s amazing to see. I love the Air National Guard and I want them to have a great experience.”

Being a recruiter has given Young the ability to change people’s lives.

“I like being a positive female role model,” said Young, who is usually the first military member potential recruits meet. “I’ve had people come in who have issues at home, who come from hard lives, and it feels great to be able to offer them a path that helps them to be successful in life. Being a recruiter has really opened my eyes.”

Being technologically savvy has also helped Young connect with new recruits.

“We make fun little videos, I like using social media,” said Young. “Being a recruiter is all about trust, and if they trust me and have fun, they’ll tell their friends.”

Young sees talking about the Air National Guard as an easy sell.

“Were a part-time hometown military,” said Young. “It’s the best parts about being a part of the Air Force and being a member of your community.”