Monthly Promotions: September 2019

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  • 108th Wing
Congratulations to the recently promoted members of the 108th Wing:
Jaishon M. Connor, 108 SFS
Airman 1st Class
Leah M. Meckley, 108 OG
Senior Airman
Elvis Nieves, 108 CES
Harold L. Conway Jr., 108 FSS
Joseph S. Dinapoli, 108 CF
Sergio D. Zurita Sanchez, 108 AMXS
Staff Sergeant
Adam S. Chen, 108 MXS
Brandon Moncayo, 141 ARS
Colleen A. Daily, 108 OSS
Jordan A. Taylor, 150 SOS
Kimberly A. Moncayo, 141 ARS
Kenneth E. Anderson, 204 IS
Leif J. Eikrem, 108 AMXS
Thomas R. Moss, 108 OSS
Technical Sergeant
Dean C. Schwaner, 108 MXS
Leon E. Jackson III, 108 MXS
Tiffany N. Williams, 204 IS
1st Lieutenant
Kasim M. Mothana, 140 COS
Karen E. Foulds, 108 MSG
Samantha J. Hardy, 141 ARS