Monthly Promotions: October 2019

  • Published
  • By Airman 1st Class Andrea A. S. Williamson
  • 108th Wing

Congratulations to the recently promoted members of the 108th Wing:

Airman 1st Class

Quintin J. Cartwright, 108 MXG

Staff Sergeant

Authorine S. Lewis, 108 FSS
Brandon L. Coley, 108 SFS
Christopher S. Wood, 108 CF
David A. Benjamin II, 108 SFS
Derin C. Sweeney, 140 COS
Eusaybia L. Parker, 108 MOF
Jamie D. Cristinzio, 141 ARS
Kaitlyn A. Kanich, 108 CES
Luis E. Sanchez, 108 FSS
Raymond J. Buckno, 108 SFS
Ryan C. Ritter Sanns, 108 CES
Seth A. Twombly, 108 CES
Venard D. Cabbler Jr., 108 CES

Technical Sergeant

David R. Conner, 150 SOS
Heather J. Hyon, 108 MDG
Todd M. Little, 108 MXS

Master Sergeant

David A. Orsini, 108 AXS
Eric L. Ellsworth, 108 AXS
Michael J. Primavera, 108 WG
Raymond J. Demarco III, 108 AXS
Rosetta M. Mccamery, 204 IS

2nd Lieutenant

Brian J. Hammell, 108 OSS