Monthly Promotions: March 2020

  • Published
  • By Donna Jeffries
  • 108th Wing
Congratulations to the recently promoted members of the 108th Wing:
Garcia, Ashley 108 MDG
Airman First Class
Cabrera, Jaylin 108 COMM
Sanchez, Rafael 140 COS
Senior Airman
Aiello, Tiffany 108 MDG
Fowler, Omar 108 CES
Staff Sergeant
Howard, Natalia 204 IS
Roemmele, Travis 108 SFS
Wintling, Julianna 108 SFS
Technical Sergeant
Hudman, Richard 108 CES
Santiago, Gabriel 108 WG
Tarasewicz, Stanley 108 CES
Williams, Delonte 108 SFS
Master Sergeant
Fielding, Steven 108 SFS
Foulds, Thomas 108 AMXS
Romero, Byron 150 SOS
Senior Master Sergeant
Miller, Angela 108 WG
Reilly, Shawn 204 IS
Thornton, Timothy 108 LRS
Chief Master Sergeant
Asure, John 150 SOS
Lieutenant Colonel
Doolittle, April 108 FIN