To the Airmen of the 108th Wing // 18 March 2020

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To the Airmen of the 108th Wing:

As you are aware, the wing is engaged in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the situation is in a state of flux, I ask that you focus on my three priorities.

1 - Protect our Mission: The 108th will continue to meet its Federal and State missions. This includes command and control, deployments, USAF alert missions, and Title 10 MPA. We also are currently in the process of selecting Airmen for State Active Duty to support the governor.

2 - Protect our People: On Monday the NJNG full time force transitioned to a 50% telework construct. All offices remain open and operational, but services may be delayed as we work through the surge of increased telework. Know that all business, unless otherwise directed, is being taken care of. We have cancelled non-critical meetings, TDYs and training in order to comply with the latest guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Defense. 108th Airmen should be following the CDC recommendations whether on or off duty.

3 - Protect our Community: The Guard is based on a foundation of volunteerism and service. We are maintaining a list of volunteers to assist during this public health emergency. Our current tasking is relatively small. Please continue to volunteer through your chain of command in whatever capacity you can.

Many of us remember our response to Superstorm Sandy as the proudest moment of our career. The next few months will test the wing to an extent not seen since then. The eyes of the citizens are on you. I expect that all our Airmen will do their duty.

Col. John Cosgrove, commander