Monthly Promotions: May 2020

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  • 108th Wing


Congratulations to the recently promoted members of the 108th Wing:


Airman First Class

Bonello, John 108 MXS

Borreggine, Santina 108 FSS

Koch, Steven 108 SFS

Nair, Isabelle 108 OG

Petrucelli, Nicholas 108 LRS


Senior Airman

Birger, Dan 108 CF

Caruso, Bradley Owen 141 ARS

Cole, Anthony 108 LRS

Mack, Trinity 204 IS

Roesch, Nicholas 108 CF

Williamson, Andrea 108 WG


Staff Sergeant

Roman, Kenneth Henry 140 COS

Sigmund, Samantha 204 IS


Technical Sergeant

Clark, Alexis Marie 204 IS



Spence, Sheldon Albert 140 COS



Mann, Gyasi Jordan 108 MDG