Monthly Promotions: June 2020

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  • 108th Wing

Congratulations to the recently promoted members of the 108th Wing:



Weisse, Charles D 108 SFS


Airman First Class

Beslow, Brandon A 108 MDG


Senior Airman

Hulse, Amanda J 108 OSS

Marecheau, Davon R 108 FSS

Tapia, Leslie S 204 IS


Staff Sergeant

Amakihe, Amy-Christy A 108 MDG

Brown, Robert C 140 COS

Johnson, Sakinah Yasmeen 204 IS

Peoples, Thojae C 108 CES

Placenciavaldez, Engel Antonio 108 SFS

Priolo, Thomas 108 SFS

Stahl, Zachary A 204 IS


Technical Sergeant

Monastero, Andrew Curtis 108 CF

Riddle, Jaclyn Rose 108 CF


Master Sergeant

Fisher, Megan Marie 108 LRS

Hansen, David Arthur 108 LRS

Koonhow, Kurt Kwesi 108 CES

Santopietro, Dominick Joseph 204 IS


Senior Master Sergeant

King, Shannon Marshawn 108 CES


First Lieutenant

Amakihe, Andy 108 MXS

Dabrowski, Paul T 141 ARS



Ye, Jiahua 108 CES