108th Wing Guardsmen no longer tasked with drug testing duties

  • Published
  • By Senior Airman Andrea A. S. Williamson
  • 108th Wing
Members of the 108th Wing will no longer be tasked with Drug Demand Reduction Program duties!
The program, once assigned to Drill Status Guardsmen as an additional duty, has now become a civilian-run entity led by contractor, Tammy Gericke.

With multiple certifications that include expertise in phlebotomy and clinical administration, Gericke said, "They told me when I got the job, I had the exact experience and credentials they were looking for."

Now tasked with managing the drug testing program for the 108th Wing, Gericke "strives for a drug-free Air Force".

As manager, she is responsible for training and briefing Drug Testing Program Administration Managers (or DTPAMs) and observers, carrying out decisions made by the wing commander for positive results, and will give status updates to upper leadership, as well as run a structured testing plan.

Aiding in Gericke's recent transition to the Wing, Capt. Tanya Kaminski, former DDRP manager, said, "I am here to make sure there is a smooth transition and that she feels supported. We want to make sure that the program for the National Guard Bureau is a success." 

Kaminski, who managed the program for several years, said, while the program was not overwhelming, it required great focus and care. With civilians now running the program, she believes that this transition will allow testing to be even more efficient. In turn, Kaminski will continue her primary duties as the 108th Force Support Squadron administration officer for the director of personnel.

Gericke will be joined by a hired staff, which will consist of several civilian contractors, as DTPAMs and observers, during drills.

"The consistency of people will make [the testing process] easier for sure," said Kaminski.

While Gericke is new to the military work environment, with her medical and management background, she embraces her position with optimism.

"I got my hands full, but I like a good challenge," said Gericke. "We're going to streamline this program."