Medical, dental services offered during August 2020 drill weekend

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  • 108th Wing

Medical and dental services offered during the August 2020 drill weekend are described below. The same rules of engagement (ROE) as last month applies to anyone seeking services. The ROEs are listed below. Each person will have a risk assessment and their temperature taken before services are rendered.

PHAs/Medical services are available Saturday. Dental is available Saturday and Sunday.

Medical documents can be dropped off at the medical group (MDG) between 8 a.m. - 3 p.m. Personnel will be stationed outside to collect the documents. There will be no access to speak with a provider during this period.

Sunday from 9 - 11 a.m. the MDG will be offering walk-in access for the following services:

1. Hearing exams
2. Eye exam, gas mask inserts
3. Labs
4. Immunizations (no Anthrax or Typhoid is currently available)

ROE for medical/dental visits:
Upon arrival to the Medical Facility, you must:

1. Wear a face-cover (for the entire time you are in or around the facility).
2. Park in the designated parking lot
3. Stay in your vehicle.
4. When your name is called, roll down your window to have your temperature checked and your risk assessment questionnaire conducted car-side.
5. If you have a temperature above 100℉ or fail the risk assessment you will not be allowed to enter the facility and you will be given instructions for a Tele-Medicine appointment.
6. Upon successful completion of your risk assessment you will be directed to proceed to either the 108th or the 87th.
7. Clean your hands with hand sanitizer before entering the buildings.
8. Once inside the facilities you will follow social distancing guidelines of six feet, and not congregate with other members.
9. You will exit the facility immediately upon completion of your appointment.
10.Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the cancellation of your appointment and removal from the facility.