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Monthly Promotions: August 2020

  • Published
  • 108th Wing


Peralta, Miguel 108 MDG

Ramsingh, Chamalie 108 FSS


Airman First Class

Cooper, Christina 108 SFS

Martinez Ortiz, Victor 108 SFS


Senior Airman

Diaz, Briel 108 FSS

Findley, Julian A 108 OSS

Fontanez, Joseph 108 MXS

Gidden, Destini A 108 SFS

Gonzalez, Wander E 108 SFS

Pena, Wesley 108 CES

Ramos, Jeremy A 108 SFS

Ruiz, Aaron H 108 LRS

Templeton, Richard 108 AMXS

Vandegrift, Joseph A 108 SFS

Watkins, Tarnesha 108 FSS

Young, Ryan 108 SFS


Staff Sergeant

Applegate, Robert 108 LRS

Calvert, Anwarakwasi 108 MXS

Pinto, Hector Raul 108 WG

Shea, Storm 108 AMXS


Technical Sergeant

Hewitt, Chadwick 108 WG

Kirchofer, James 108 AMXS

Lucas, Cole 108 MOF

Ruczynski, George 108 AMXS

Schoenfeld, Seth 108 CES


Master Sergeant

Cross, Jasmine 140 COS

Lawton, Ryan 108 AMXS

McGrane, Stacey 108 LRS


Senior Master Sergeant

Cupples, Scott 108 WG

Rogers, Justin 108 WG



Chief Master Sergeant

Appleton, Tulip 108 FSS



Easy, Daneian 140 CSS


Lieutenant Colonel

Lake, Michael 108 MSG

Maiorano, Matthew 108 OSS