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Monthly Promotions: October 2020

  • Published
  • By 108th Wing



Hernandez, Briannie  108 MDG

Lopez,  Vianca  108 MDG

Torres, Jeremy  108 CES


Airman 1st Class

Garcia, Ashley  108 MDG

Tapia, Carlos  108 AMXS


Senior Airman

Cartwright, Quintin  108 MXG

Grover, Jordan  108 SFS

Hoagland, Hunter  108 AMXS


Staff Sergeant

DeLeon, Steven  204 IS

Garcia, Erica  108 LRS

Mullica, Joseph  204 IS

O'Reilly, Joshua  108 MOF

Parker, Allen  108 MXS

Schuld, Brian  108 MXS


Technical Sergeant

Bennett, Daniel  108 CF

Brown, David  108 FSS

Espinoza, Joshua  108 MXG

Harville, Gerard  204 IS

Hirschfeld, Michael  108 FSS

Orenyo, Andrew  108 SFS

Saletnik, Daniel  108 MXS

Soos, Steven  108 SFS


Master Sergeant

Doogah, Timothy  108 AMXS

Seasholtz, Kyle  150 SOS


First Lieutenant

Hawkiins, Derek  204 IS

Miranda, Alyssa  140 COS

Testa, James  108 AMXS


Lieutenant Colonel

Columbus, Paul  108 OSS

Neumann, Jason  108 LRS