Air National Guard wing hosts resiliency tactical pause

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Zachary Vucic
  • 108th Wing

The 108th Wing is offering virtual resiliency tactical pause sessions during drill weekends, giving Airmen a forum to discuss their resiliency, and offer suggestions on how wing leadership can better support their needs. 

“As we moved into 2020 and faced the pandemic and civil unrest, we committed to continuing our dialogue and Airman connectedness to build resilience in increasingly uncertain times,” said Jill Barrett, 108th WG director of psychological health.

The overall goal of this tactical pause is to promote an open and honest dialogue both between peer Airmen, and between Airmen and wing leadership. During the last meeting held February 21, 2021, several questions were posed to facilitate discussions relating to topics surrounding fairness, trust, and personal challenges.

Participants are identified only by first names, with rank and job title excluded to provide an impartial environment. 

“The original intent of the RTP was to give a safe, non-attributional environment for members from various units to conduct open dialogue in response to recent events,” said Master Sgt. Luis Mendoza, 108th WG military equal opportunity director.

 The focus of this year’s RTP discussion will build upon the social pillar of resilience and feedback provided by the Airmen. 

“I feel that we are meeting the intent by continuing to offer channels for our Airmen to connect on a personal level,” said Barrett.  “This is a resilience campaign, not a standalone event.  Our goal is to build connectedness and feedback into everyday life at the wing.”

More RTP events will take place in the future, and Barrett encouraged 108th WG members to join the virtual meetings. 

“I am more educated and more connected every time I participate in a group,” she said. “I have observed that we thrive for connection and meaning beyond the mission.”