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Monthly Promotions!

  • Published
  • 108th Wing

Congratulations to the recent 108th Wing members for their promotion to the next rank!


Wood, Dylan 140th COS

Airman First Class

Erickson, Benjamin 140th COS

Lopez, Vianca 140th MDG

O’Keeffe, John Jr.  140th COS

Trani, Gina 108th FSS

Senior Airman

Abruzzese, Zachary 108th MXS

Hughes, Taylor 108th MDG

Koch, Steven 108th SFS

Kramer, Charles 140th COS

McCloud, Erik 108th MXG

Mitchell, Courtney 140th COS

Sims, Elijah 108th MXS

Sanchez, Rafael 140th COS

Valdez-Ramirez, Sidney 108 MDG

Staff Sergeant

Fischer, Cody 108th MXS

Weinberg, Benjamin 108th MXS

Technical Sergeant

May, Matthew 108th MXS

Molina, Maria 108th SFS

Master Sergeant

Cuadra, Myriam 108thMOF

Francis Blake, 140th COS

Gablin, Gregory 108th CES

Lonzson, William 108th SFS

RiveraCamacha, Jose 108th CF

Walker, John 108th MDG

Senior Master Sergeant

Coley, Purvis 108th SFS

Nitahara, Sean 108th MOF

Cuff, Lorraine 108th FSS

Wutsch, George 108th SFS

Second Lieutenant

Genna, Stephanie 108th SFS