Monthly Promotions

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  • 108th Wing

Congratulations to the recent 108th Wing members for their promotion to the next rank!


Garced, Nicole  108th OSS

Airman 1st Class

Duffy, Michael  108 LRS

Lewis, Arianna  108th OG

Mull, Zachary  140th COS

Senior Airman

Beslow, Brandon  108th MDG

Constantino, Matthew  108th MDG

Cooper, Christina  108th SFS

Lopez, Julio  108th MXG

MartinezOrtiz,  Victor  108th SFS

Nair, Isabelle  108th MXG

Palmer, Jamal  204th IS

Pertrucelli, Nicholas  108th LRS

Taylor, Briana  108th CF

Vreeland, Caitlyn  140th COS

Weimmer, Thomas  108th FSS

Staff Sergeant

Covell, Joanne  108th MXG

Florendo, Kristofer  108th MXG

Foerter, Jacob  108th MXG

Garcia, Eric  108th CF

Hall, John  108th SFS

Oswald, Joseph  204th IS

Pietrulewicz, Thomas  140th COS

Roesch, Nicholas  108th CF

Technical Sergeant

Beljour Sommer, Rose Anna  108th CES

Brown, James  108th CES

Long, Matthew  108th AMXS

Malgieri, Adam  108th MXS

Perezortiz, Anastacio  108th FSS