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Monthly Promotions

  • Published
  • By 108th Wing
  • 108th Wing

Congratulations to the recent 108th Wing members for their promotion to the next rank!


Rath, John 108th LRS

Rodriguezcardona, Mary 108th FSS

Quartey, Erica 108th CF

Airman First Class

Austin, Darnell 108th LRS

Senior Airman

Berdugo, Natalie 108th MXG

Bouquet, Abdiel 108th MDG

Brown, Cassidy 108th FSS

Cabrera, Jaylin 108th CF

Garcia, Ashley 108th MDG

Giancarli, Martin 108th FSS

Lovallo, Dominique 108th SFS

Nunez, Jason 141st ARS

Ortega, Amanda 108th OG

Pagnotta, Jenna 108th MDG

Pan, Yong 204th IS

Price, Ajanae 108th MDG

Sahanas, Leah 140th COS

Webb, John 108th MXS

Staff Sergeant

Caruso, Bradley 141th ARS

Ebbert, Jeffrey 108th CES

Howard, Charles 141th ARS

Mack, Trinity 108th OSS

Maitima, Oliver 108th CES

Technical Sergeant

Afanador, Jason 108th MXS

Kelley, Brian 141th ARS

Price, Vaughn 108th CES

Master Sergeant

Burlaga, Hannah 108th MXG

Escott, Michael 108th LRS

Kelsey, Marius 108th AMXS

Lescano, Christian 108th MXS

Luther, David 150th SOS

Sheppard, Janette 108th LRS

Sievers, Gregory 108 AMXS

Senior Master Sergeant

Alston, Roger 108th LRS

Bright, Jared 108th AMXS

Calhoun, Brian 108th MXS

Clark, Jamero 108th LRS

Geppi, Philip 204th IS

Kinney, Shannon 108th SFS

Malara, Nunzio 108th AMXS

Mauger, John 108th MDG

Pitcher, Jeffery JFHQ

Roberts, Allen 108th MXS

Chief Master Sergeant

Blake, Genevieve 204th IS

Scannell, James 108th SFS