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Monthly Promotions

  • Published
  • 108th Wing

Congratulations to the recent 108th Wing members for their promotion to the next rank!

Airman First Class

McGowan, Charles 108th AXMS

Pires, Alexander 108th AMXS

Senior Airman

Alalfy, Maryam 108th LRS

Gary, Tyrell 108th SFS

Harvey III, Walter 108th AMXS

Hoyos, Mateo 108th MXS

Milane, Justin 108th AMXS

Staff Sergeant

Abrenica, Patrik 108th LRS

Correa, David 140th COS

Gawronski, Konrad 140th COS

Hoagland, Hunter 108th AMXS

Jankowski, Richard 108th CF

McKinney, Cortney 108th OSS

Technical Sergeant

Deopp, Patrick 108th OSS

Jackson, April 108th MDG

Parker, Eusaybia 108th MOF

Portugal, Garry 108th MOF

Rivera, Brittany 108th WG

Stanley, Russell 108th AMXS

 Master Sergeant

Campos, Cristin 108th FSS

Cartwright, Thomas 108th MXS

Davis, Glenn 108th LRS

Erickson, Heather 108th MDG

Fernandez, Jonathan 108th CES

George, Rajhun 108th SFS

Lewis, Shareef 108th SFS

Walley, Richard 108th LRS

Second Lieutenant


Vankampen, Jacob 108th MXS


McCoy, Zaka 108th Wing

Pico, Bobby 108th OSS

Stevens, Eric 141st ARS


Layton, James NJANG