Monthly Promotions

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  • 108th Wing

Congratulations to the recent 108th Wing members for their promotion to the next rank!


Greene, David 108th CF

Minsal, Cristian 108th LRS

Airman First Class

Rath, John 108th LRS

Senior Airman

Collins, James 108th CES

Johnston, Jacob 108th MXS

Peralta, Miguel 108th MDG

Staff Sergeant

Dominguez, Lester 204th IS

Hankinson, Durwood 108th CES

Lee, Keith 108th MXS

Mirandes, Andres 108th CF

Nothaft, Asher 108th SFS

Vandegrift, Joseph 108th SFS

Watkins, Tarnesha 108th FSS

Technical Sergeant

Banks, Spencer 108th CES

Cristinzio, Jamie 141st ARS

Luke, Leah 108th CF

Moss, Thomas 108th OSS

Slifer, Richard 150th SOS

Tomlinson, Alexis 108th CF

Vargas, Andrew 108th WG

Wisinski, Pawel 108th MXS

Master Sergeant

Baez, Raynaldo 204th IS

Jackson, Leon 108th MXS

Slocum, Robert 141st ARS

Chief Master Sergeant

Ogle, Patrick 108th OG