A Haircut Worth its Weight in Contributions

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. April Jackson

The 108th Wing Junior Enlisted Council raised money for the on-base nonprofit organization, Refuel the Family, December 2023 by providing haircuts in the breakroom of Building 3333 and it’s on the table to offer the service again.

Refuel the Family helps service members experiencing financial or family crisis, and other emergency situations. This resonated with Staff Sgt. Vernard Cabbler, a part-time barber in Hamilton, New Jersey, and member of the 108th Civil Engineer Squadron.

He decided to pitch a nontraditional approach for fundraising during a junior council meeting. He offered to dedicate his time and skillset for donations of any dollar amount.

Cabbler organized the event and netted $3,000 using his barber skills and offering the opportunity to donate to members throughout the wing. “I feel like we made history because nothing like this was ever done before,” said Cabbler. He along with his good friend and fellow barber, Darnell Washington, gave a total of 35 haircuts.

 “I appreciate the opportunity to do something like this and for the support and trust to run with the idea,” Cabbler said. “I’d like to continue doing it as well.”

The junior enlisted council members agree and are talking about doing this four times a year, however, the frequency is tentative and still developing.