Psychological Health Director brings wealth of experience to 108th Wing

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Brian Carson
  • 108th Wing Public Affairs
The new psychological health director for the 108th Wing, Jill Barrett, LCSW, brings with her a wide array of knowledge and experience in dealing with the numerous challenges that being in the military can have on a service member and their family.
     The stress that military member's face due to deployments and the possible issues that arise out of it, require extensive training that are unique and not everyone has the experience to deal with effectively. But Barrett personifies those requirements.
     Although this is a relatively new position within the Wing, Barrett is not new to the issues facing today's military member.

     "Before joining the 108th, I served as the Family Life Consultant with the New Jersey National Guard State Family Programs Office; prior to that, I was the civilian family and adolescent counselor on military installations in Germany, Belgium, and the  Netherlands," states Barrett.
     In addition, prior to moving overseas, Barrett worked extensively with victims of the 9/11 attacks, and specialized in trauma and grief counseling.
     Given this background, it would be safe to assume that Barrett works exclusively with trauma and severe counseling issues; however, that is not always the case.
     "I am available to provide presentations to units or groups on a variety of topics to enhance wellness such as stress management, communication, conflict resolution, and relationships," states Barrett. "In addition, I can meet with 108th members to provide a clinical interview and referral to local mental health providers and other resources to address any issues hindering a member's maximum well-being."
     While most members know that these services exist in some way, shape or form, it can be difficult at times to see the benefits of using these services if some form of trauma or serious condition is not present.
     "Maintaining good psychological health can improve your job performance, enhance your relationships, and advance your skills for personal growth," states Barrett.
     "If an issue arises, members can receive confidential feedback and resources in order to resolve issues quickly and I will work with them to get connected with civilian providers in their local area," concluded Barrett.