We want you for the 108th Wing's unit public affairs representative program

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Brian Carson
  • 108th Wing Public Affairs
  Have you ever asked yourself how you could get the word out about what your section and its members are doing? Due to the hectic pace of UTA weekends, deployments, and other training requirements, there are great actions being performed by 108th personnel, both on and off duty, that often times go unnoticed.
  And you can help spread those great stories, photos and videos by becoming a Unit Public Affairs Representative for your section.
  The goal of the UPAR program is to increase the visibility of each section's members, their unit's activities, and to highlight the good work the 108th personnel does on a regular basis, both at home and abroad.
  "The UPAR will be each sections direct link to the 108th Public Affairs office", states Capt. April Doolittle, the 108th Wing public affairs officer. "This program will help to ensure that all 108th members are informed about what the other sections are accomplishing."
  The main function of the UPAR will be to act as their unit's liaison to the 108th Public Affairs office with the intention of getting the word out to the rest of the Wing about what their shop and its personnel are doing. This can be done through any number of ways to include writing an article, taking photos, or by a simple email keeping the public affairs office abreast of what their section is currently doing, or planning on doing in the coming weeks, months, etc. 
  "This initiative will greatly assist in improving the awareness across the entire 108th spectrum of what all of us are doing and it will only serve to benefit the 108th community as a whole," states Doolittle.
  If you or anyone in your section is interested in participating in this worthwhile program, contact the 108th Wing public affairs office at 609-754-4173. Once a representative has been identified, training and public affairs guidance (PAG) will be given by 108th public affairs staff.