Tips for "going green" around the house

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Barb Harbison
  • 108th Public Affairs Office
At the Going Green seminar held this week at the DMAVA headquarters in Lawrenceville, a lot of interesting facts and information was put forward. Representatives from the Clean Water Fund and EarthShare New Jersey gave many tips, particularly about cleaning and pest control, during the seminar.
Here are some of the tips. Seal and caulk the openings in and around your home; it makes it harder for pests to get in. Spray lemon juice where you see ants. It destroys their natural paths and causes them to go elsewhere. Tuck the corner of a Bounce dryer sheet in your pocket this summer when outdoors. Bees and mosquitoes don't like it and will stay away. Head lice problem? Coat your hair with mayonnaise; let it sit for a little while, then comb out.
Problem with grubs in the lawn and garden? When you boil corn, toss the leftover water onto the area; the niacin from the corn gets rid of grubs. Club soda on pet accidents will help remove the odor. Or you can coat the area with baking soda, let dry and vacuum. Check your antibacterial hand sanitizer. If an ingredient is triclosan, it may be wise to toss it. Triclosan is one of those chemicals that the EPA is trying to ban. Another hand gel precaution: don't let your kids lick their hands after using the sanitizer. More than one child has made it to the ER for "loopy" behavior and they have been found to looped from licking the primarily alcohol sanitizer off their hands. Geese a problem? Use a ratio of one to five, Welch's concentrated grape juice to water, on the area. (One gallon of juice to five gallons water will cover an athletic field; use your proportions from there.)
Keep Green!