MPF, Services merging into new squadron in April 2009

  • Published
  • By Lt. Col. Michael Baldi and Maj. Harriett Gaddy
On April 1, 2009, the 108th Mission Support Flight and the 108th Services Flight will merge into a brand new squadron, the 108th Force Support Squadron.

What does that mean to you? As a customer, you will not see any significant changes, yet. Plans are in work to bring both flights together. When that happens, customers will be able to have all of their personnel and services needs met in one location.

For now, you can still depend on world-class customer service supporting the war fighter at home and abroad.

The reorganization takes some twelve elements and consolidates them into four flights: Force Development Flight (Education and Training), Manpower and Personnel Flight (MPF and CSS), Airman and Family Services Flight (Family Support), and Sustainment Services Flight (Services).

In addition, there will be one commander and one superintendent. The officer AFSCs have already merged into a new Personnel and Services AFSC 38F. There are no plans for the enlisted AFSCs to merge. The superintendent position may be held by either enlisted AFSC.

Stay tuned next month as we march towards the 108th Force Support Squadron.