Be Proud of Your Military Accomplishments, Tell the World

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Armando Vasquez
  • 108th Wing Public Affairs
Have you recently been promoted or received an award for your hard work and dedication to the Wing? Supervisors, has a new Airman recently joined your shop or an Airman recently returned from tech school or NCO academy?

Usually when these events happen, the Airmen is recognized internally with congratulatory handshakes and a pad on the back from his fellow Airmen and/or supervisors. These are great morale and team building episodes and it lets the Airman know their service or accomplishment is recognized. But what about recognition from the Airman's community? Unless the Airman personally goes to everyone in his or her hometown and tells them about the accomplishment, the community doesn't know. And that's a shame. Military service and the accomplishments earned throughout one's career is an accolade that should be shared not only amongst Airmen and family but throughout the community. As Guardsmen we are citizen-Airmen, and it's the citizen part of the title that gets overlooked when accomplishments in our military career are not recognized.

That's where the Public Affairs Office comes in. Through the Defense Media Activity's Joint Hometown News Service, the Public Affairs Office can help you share your personal story and achievements with friends and family back home. The Joint Hometown News Service will publicize your military career achievements through your hometown newspaper, radio or television station.

The 108th Wing Public Affairs Office's job is to showcase the worldwide accomplishments and activities of its Airmen and present a positive image of our Airmen through print and electronic news releases. We can only showcase to our Airmen's community what is brought to our attention.

So, next time you have an accomplishment you want to highlight, come to the 108th Wing's Public Affair Office, which is located at the Wing's headquarters building (Bldg. 3327), and fill out an electronic Joint Hometown News Service release form and let your neighbors know about your military accolades.

There are numerous occasions that merit a hometown news release and below are some examples:
· Graduation from basic training, officer training school or technical schools
· Promotion to E-3 and higher
· Selected for promotion to E-9 and O-6 and above
· Re-enlistments
· Retirements
· Awards and decorations
· Receipt of college degree
· Participation in a national news event

For more information on the Joint Hometown News Service, please contact the 108th Wing Public Affairs Office at 609-754-6358. The 108th Wing Public Affairs Office wants to show off what our Airmen have done.