The National Guard Members’ Journey: Expanding Capacity and Maintaining Balance

  • Published
  • By Jill Barrett, Director of Psychological Health
  • 108th Wing
The life of a military member is a never ending challenge of balancing responsibilities, prioritizing goals and finding time to actually 'have a life.' Understanding this challenge, the 108th Wing has several offices and programs designed to educate and help our members optimize performance and overall well-being.   

The 108th Wing's support programs are formalized together through a committee called the Integrated Delivery System committee. This team includes, but is not limited to, the Psychological Health Program, Airmen and Family Readiness Program, Chaplains' Office, Safety Office, Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, Equal Opportunity Office, Chiefs' and First Sergeants' Council, Education and Retention Office, Public Affairs and Yellow Ribbon representatives. The committee's overarching goal can be summarized as follows: 108th Wing members and families are provided tools to thrive while navigating military service/civilian work/life balance, and these tools contribute to effective mission readiness and personal well-being.

Based on this goal, the committee plans and executes initiatives to support the ability of Wing personnel to fulfill their mission responsibilities while ensuring personal well-being. 

Drill weekends can be extremely busy and we can't always take the time to seek out and participate in support programs. Many of the committee's team members are available during the month on workdays and can provide resources and assistance over the phone or email. We encourage members to utilize the resources that are available as we all try to succeed while striving for balance in our lives.

I am the point of contact for the IDS team and if you would like more information about our initiatives and the resources that are available, please contact me at 609-754-2159 or Not all jobs are one man/woman jobs and a second set of eyes on something can help resolve it quickly and more efficiently. Don't wait until you are completely out of balance and tipping over before you call!