Thank you for a job well done!

  • Published
  • By Col. Andrew P. Keane, commander
  • 108th Wing
I wanted to start May's drill weekend with a few thoughts and a lot of "thank you" for an outstanding April unit training assembly.

First, the thoughts!
We talk a lot about resiliency these days and for good reasons - operational tempo doesn't decline, money is tight, more is asked, and more is expected. However, if you want to observe resiliency in action, take a look at yourselves. You demonstrated it for the last five months and capped it off with a near perfect performance last drill. Every Airman was 100 percent focused, proficient and confident in their roles and knew how they fit in the overall mission and why it was important. This does not happen without a lot of effort and buy-in from every member of the team. 

There was no throttling of effort, and when asked to adjust your calendars and shift plans, you did it. We scheduled tough scenarios and you stepped up to the plate, despite all the challenges of weather, constant staff visits and short timelines. We often think of resiliency as being able to get-up after being knocked down, but you went far beyond that. You got up and showed a proficiency that set the bar for others to reach. This is what I feel it means to be resilient Airmen and a resilient Wing. Uncertainty, challenges and set-backs will occur, guaranteed! However, if we are resilient and focused we can overcome any challenge, personal or organizational and you proved that last month.

Now for the thanks!
Thanks to Maintenance Group for generating and fixing the aircrafts. Thanks to Security Forces for guarding these aircrafts. Thanks to the aircrew and crew chiefs for operating the aircrafts. Thanks to Civil Engineering for housing the aircrew and crew chiefs. Thanks to Aircrew Flight Equipment and Supply for equipping the aircrew and crew chiefs. Thanks to Services Flight for feeding the crews and crew chiefs. Thanks to XP for teaching the aircrews and crew chiefs and Wing. Thanks to all who worked the battle staff and support battle staff for running the Wing. And THANKS TO ALL for your hard work, focus and dedication. Your efforts have made us a better organization now and for the years ahead!

Well done!