Airmanship: A Mindset to Live By

  • Published
  • By State Command Chief Master Sgt. Janeen Fillari
  • New Jersey Air National Guard
Well it's been a few months and the dust has finally settled with the appointment of a new State Command Chief! I am very excited to be your State Command Chief and look forward to working for you. I would like to start off my tenure highlighting the term "Airmanship". What does this word mean?

It is a mindset. You feel a sense of certainty in everything you do. You believe in your oath to serve your state and country. You embrace the Air Force core values and are prepared to achieve whatever the Air Force asks of you. You are cognizant of the standards of behavior, the way to wear your uniform, and you help your fellow Airmen if they forget or lose focus. Simply put, Airmanship is the most foundational element of the Air Force.  

We each demonstrate Airmanship everyday by the way we behave towards our leaders, peers, and those we lead.  I challenge each of you to reflect on your behaviors every day. You will know if you acted with the mindset of Airmanship. And if you have acted with something other than your Airmanship mindset, think about the problem, do your best to correct it, and keep striving to become a better Airman.

As Airmen, we are very fortunate to have access to so many tools to become better leaders and followers. In 2015, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Gen. Mark Welsh, implemented the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence. The purpose of PACE is to develop Air Force personnel with a professional mindset, character, and core values required to succeed today and into the future. I urge all of you to set aside some time to visit the PACE website ( and explore what it has to offer. On Nov. 4, we will be receiving a briefing from a PACE representative, and I highly encourage maximum attendance for the one-day course. I recently attended the training and found this to be the most valuable training that I have received in my entire military career, both from a professional and personal standpoint. 

In June 2017, we are also scheduled to host a Contemporary Base Issues course. The primary goal of the CBI is to prepare current and future Air National Guard leaders to work together as a team to identify, analyze, and resolve contemporary base issues. This course is not just limited to senior leaders; all officers, noncommissioned officers, and other personnel in supervisory/leadership positions are highly encouraged to attend. Topics are discussed via lecture and student interaction over a two-day period. The cadre for the course are very energetic, professional, and knowledgeable. Their high-level of enthusiasm is guaranteed to keep your attention throughout the course - while learning at the same time!  

Air Force Instructions, The Profession of Arms, Airman Comprehensive Assessment, and the Enlisted Performance Report represent some of the many standards we are each charged to uphold, regardless of rank or position. I ask that when you think about Airmanship, you also reflect on your military standards. Are you meeting them or striving to surpass them? We must lead by example. I expect all Airmen to be cognizant of their standards, ask questions if they do not understand them, and make every effort to exceed them.       

In the near future, I will be out visiting the units and look forward to meeting you and hearing about all of the great work that I know each one of you is contributing towards the mission. Please know that I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication.

I am very proud to lead the great Airmen of this state.