Drill Schedule

1400: Facilitator Training for Annual Suicide and Sexual Assault Prevention Training (LRS Classroom)
0700: Wing Standup (TEAMS)
0830: Wing Staff Meeting (TEAMS)
1200: Chaplain Lunch and Learn - 5 Languages of Apology (TEAMS or call in (audio only)  571-388-3904    Phone Conference ID: 322 061 116#)
1300: Resiliency Tactical Pause (TEAMS under 2021 virtual RTP)
1300: First Sgt. Council (TEAMS)
1300: Jr NCO Council (TBD)
1300: Sr NCO Council (telecon DSN: 312-434-7349; Cmcl: 301-909-7349 Access code: 24730327
1400: Diversity Council General Membership Session l (TEAMS)
1400: Facilitator Training for Annual Suicide and Sexual Assault Prevention Training (LRS Classroom)
1100: Chaplain Corp: Protestant Worship Service  (Virtual or call in (audio only)  571-388-3904    Phone Conference ID: 672 351 583#)
1200: DPH Lunch & Learn (PHP Office Suite Bldg. 3324)
1400: Commanders/Chiefs Meeting (TEAMS)
1400: Facilitator Training for Annual Suicide and Sexual Assault Prevention Training (LRS Classroom)


  • 108 FSS Customer Support
    UTA Customer Support
    Business conducted by appointment only.
    For CAC card - two forms of ID are required. If replacing a lost card, a justification letter from unit commander is required.
    Saturday: 0830-1130 / 1230-1530
    Sunday: 0830-1130 / 1230-1530
    Use the link below to sign into the kiosk:
    Phone: 609-754-4466
    UTA DFAC Availability
    The main DFAC is now running at 25% (capacity being 88) dining-in. All others will be take-out.
    The hours of operation for 9-10 Jan 2021 are:
    April 20- Breakfast -0600-0830    Grab & Go 0900-1030    Lunch-1030-1300    Grab & Go 1330-1630   Dinner-1630-1800
    April 21- Breakfast -0600-0830    Grab & Go 0900-1030   Lunch-1030-1300   Grab & Go 1330-1630    Dinner-1600-1800
    Menus are as follows:
        Lunch - 
        Lunch -  
    **NOTE** Items are subject to change without notice, due to availability.
    Only Ft. Dix Lodging is available
    Coordinate with unit lodging monitors, call 108 FSS Services at 754-3303 or visit: 
    June drill link: 
    Travel Restrictions
    Local Travel restrictions
  • Influenza and COVID-19 Vaccine
    All service members are encouraged to get their flu vaccine and are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. The flu vaccine should already be available at most primary care provider's offices during flu season at local pharmacies such as CVS or Walgreens. The COVID-19 vaccine is available on base and at many local pharmacies or members can visit njdmavaevents.org to schedule an appointment. It is imperative that members who receive either vaccine off-base have their proper documentation to submit to the 108th Medical Group.
    The following information must be included with the vaccine documentation: 
    •  vaccine manufacturer 
    •  lot number 
    •  expiration date 
    •  date of administration 
    •  name of vaccinator  
    •  member’s name (who is receiving the vaccine) 
    All units will be notified when the Medical Group has the flu vaccine available, but if members have the opportunity to get vaccinated elsewhere, in the meantime, please do so.

Drill Training


  • Chaplain Corp.: Protestant Worship Service
    Protestant Worship Service
    23 May 2021
    Access Link:

    Or call in (audio only)

    Mobile one touch +1 571-388-3904,,672351583#  

    Phone Number: 571-388-3904

    Phone Conference ID: 672 351 583#


     22 May 2021
    DPH Lunch and Learn in PHP Office Suite Bldg. 3324
    TOPIC: May is Mental Health Awareness Month
    Come for an open Q & A on strategies and resources to support personal and family mental health. Learn how to support yourself, loved ones, friends, and wingmen.