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  • *UPDATE* ANG implementation of SecDef OPSEC campaign

    The SecAF has directed all DAF personnel to complete the SecDef OPSEC and Unauthorized Disclosure training. **UPDATE** The Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve have been given an extension until Sept. 18, 2020 to allow for two complete drill weekends to accomplish this mandatory OPSEC and security related training. There are two options to complete this training, with the simplest and most direct route being through ADLS, but you can also be presented the slides for all of the training by your commander or his/her designee (OPSEC Coordinator) with a training sign-in sheet that is relayed to the Unit Training Manager (UTM) for the UTM to update your records in ADLS to show completion of this requirement.
  • Cybersecurity, OPSEC vital to mission success

    Every day, Air Force organizations and personnel are reminded of the importance of operations security and cybersecurity, and how integrating them into day-to-day operations helps protect proprietary and sensitive information from disclosure, espionage and exploitation.