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  • The New Pony Express

    While Air Refueling Wing points to what the main mission is here at the 108th, dig a little further and you can find that the planes, pilots, crew and maintainers find themselves on flights that have little to do with the original designer's purpose of the aircraft. Recently nine members of the wing flew a KC-135E on a long trip from McGuire, to
  • Commander's Column - November

    By Col. W. Buck Dodson, III M.D. 108th Medical Group Commander When failure to check an item - whether due to forgetfulness, competing endeavors or other reason - may result in a significant risk sometimes to the point of loss of life, the use of a checklist can be crucial. Checklist procedures that involve two individuals have been shown to be
  • Commander's Column - December

    Lt. Col. Richard G. Buckley, 108th Maintenance Squadron Commander The Global War on Terrorism (GWOT) continues to churn on. We can't help but get desensitized from the ongoing carnage, reading daily reports of the death and destruction that continues to plague the world. At this time we have 65 wing personnel deployed to the Area of Responsibility