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  • 108th Medical Group officer observes Hispanic Heritage Month

    During Hispanic Heritage Month from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, the Department of Defense highlights several service members and focuses on the contributions and accomplishments of those with Hispanic and Latin-American heritage who have committed to their service to the defense of the nation and community. As of Oct. 31, 2020, according to the Air Force Personnel Center, only 15.6% of the Air Force identifies as Hispanic or Latino. Air National Guard Lt. Col. Daisy Ortiz, a health service administrator assigned to the 108th Medical Group, counts herself amongst that number. Ortiz is a first generation Colombian American who grew up in New Jersey. Her father came to the United States at the age of 17 and married her mother, who was still in Colombia, shortly after. After a long process of immigration and legal paperwork, Ortiz’s mother was allowed to live in the U.S. and both of her parents eventually became U.S. citizens.
  • Knowledge outweighs rank for National Guardsman in charge of AMC Phoenix Oracle project

    Intelligence analyst Guardsman is given lead position for AMC's Phoenix Oracle web capability development project.
  • Being an LGBTQ Ally

    The 108th Wing joins the Department of Defense and the nation in paying tribute to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer community during Pride Month 2021. For the month of June, this celebration brings light to the way LGBTQ service members and civilians strengthen our military and our country with the theme, “Pride in all who serve.” Staff Sgt. Kaitlyn Kanich, an emergency manager with the 108th Civil Engineering Squadron, shares her stories and some ways that everyone could become a better LGBTQ ally.
  • Airman conquers childhood trials serving in Air National Guard

    “Remember why you’re here” – A mantra heard all too often in basic military training. It is said by instructors to encourage resilience within their trainees. Yet for Staff Sgt. Adam Chen, an avionics technician of the 108th Maintenance Squadron, such words have pushed him to take advantage of every opportunity the Air National Guard has to offer.
  • Mother and Daughter dedicated to serving for over 51 years

    “I am very proud of my mom’s service and the heritage that I am come from,” said Master Sgt. Namir Laureano, an admin with the 108th Wing Staff. “I grew up watching her love and passion for her family, community, and soldiers. I have vivid memories helping her take off her boots after coming back from drill weekends, long annual field trainings and missions after 9/11.” On June 14, 1979, Norma G. Miranda, Laureano’s mother, enlisted in the Puerto Rico Army National Guard as a private first class working as an admin specialist. She attended basic training in October 1979 on Fort Dix, New Jersey.
  • Give it your best: Wescott retires

    While preflight checks are more commonly known, Master Sgt. Steven Wescott, a lead crew chief of the 108th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron, here, for over 37 years, says that their responsibilities include “afterflight” inspection, refueling, defueling, maintenance, and flying missions. Now retired, he describes his motivation to remain in the hands-on career field, as passion—passion for the work he did and the people he worked alongside.
  • Deployment bond sparks lasting friendship

    EDITOR'S NOTE: No one knows what new friendships will be formed while on a deployment. They are often special bonds since they are formed during unique circumstances that last for years. In this case it’s between a woman and an animal.
  • Readiness allows National Guardsman unique opportunity

    It was Rogers’ readiness that allowed him to take advantage of this unique opportunity to work in Antarctica.
  • From exile to freedom

    When asked about Hispanic Heritage Month and what heritage meant to him, Cuban-American, Tech. Sgt. Eric Suarez, of the 108th Maintenance Squadron, said, “the food, the pictures—all brings about memories, that’s huge for me.” This is because Suarez’s life of freedom in America, began with the exile of his grandfathers from Cuba not so long ago, said Suarez.
  • More than training

    JOINT BASE MCGUIRE-DIX-LAKEHURST, N.J.- As a participant in the NATO led Military Reserve Exchange Program, 1st Lt. Chase Chemero of the 140th Cyberspace Operations Squadron, hosted German officer, Capt. Sebastian Strauch, here, from June 3-14. The international exchange program partnered the U.S. and Germany with a unique approach to the mission in mind.