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  • First deployment

    There's a first time for everything.In a person's life there will be the first time you ride a bicycle or the first time you drive a car without your parent riding shotgun, and of course, your first kiss.The military is no different: Except the most significant first is your first deployment."I'm looking forward to it," said Senior Airman David G.
  • A day at the range

         There was snow on the ground - again.     The 108th Wing's Combat Arms Training and Maintenance instructors took it in stride, the most important thing on that March day was to get the 15 Airmen qualified on the M4 carbine.     The CATM instructors are responsible for ensuring that the Wing's 1,000 plus Airmen are trained on everything from
  • 108th dominates NJANG Airman of the Year competition

         The 108th Wing has swept the New Jersey Air National Guard's Airman of the Year competition.     Security Force's Master Sgt. Olivia M. McMahon and Global Mobility Squadron's Senior Airman Thomas A. Shea respectively claimed the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer and Airman of the Year slots in this year's contest.     "McMahon and Shea are great
  • Rodeo emphasizes learning and relying on your wingman

         The rodeo is back in town.     Airmen are spread across the hangar floor adjusting their M50 Joint Service General Purpose gas masks, zipping up their Mission-Oriented Protective Posture gear, tugging on boots and pulling on protective gloves.     It's organized chaos.     It is also a great example of the buddy system in action.     During
  • NDI: Seeing the unseen

         They're known as the NDI shop and its Airmen have a simple mission: make the invisible, visible.     The job of making sure the 108th Wing's KC-135R Stratotankers are structurally and mechanically sound falls on the four Airmen of the Non-Destructive Inspection shop. They take safety seriously.     The Air Force NDI Program was established in
  • Training like a BOSS!

    As you walk up the short stairs and look inside the rectangular box, you can imagine being in the air and getting ready for a refueling mission. All that is missing is the humming of the KC-135 Stratotanker's engine, and to some degree, the cold breeze you get from being in the boom pod in back of the air plane."This is as realistic as it can get,"
  • Our Job Never Stops

    "You have to have a want and need to make a difference," said Senior Master Sgt. Julie Schechter, the 108th Wing Command Post superintendent. "There is no room for error in this job. It is too critical to do otherwise."The 108th Wing Command Post Airmen work every day at all hours to include holidays and natural disasters. Each member works 12-hour
  • Red Tail Angels: The story of the Tuskegee Airmen

      Prior to World War II, the situation for African-American aviators was even more grim than their counterparts in the other services.  The Army Air Corps had completely barred blacks from their ranks while the other services assigned blacks only the most menial of duties. The basis for this decision was an Army War College report called The Use of
  • Junior Enlisted Advisory Council: Working for You!

      Are you a new Airman at the 108th Wing or one who has been in the unit for some time? If you are between the ranks of airman basic and technical sergeant, come join the 108th Wing's Junior Enlisted Advisory Council!  The JEAC is a council of Airmen, who represent the junior enlisted force from each unit within the Wing. It is a great opportunity
  • NJ National Guard chaplains, assistants train for trauma

      "In our field, we're given a lot of training on counseling and pastoral skills," said Capt. David Kahler, a 108th Wing chaplain. "This training was specific to taking care of our Airmen. It helped me to look back on some traumatic events that have happened over my time as a chaplain. Going forward, I have the tools now where I can create better